What kind of battery shall I choose for my locks?

We recommend using 4*high-quality AA Alkaline Batteries (Operation voltage: 4.6~6.0V).
And please don’t use any Rechargeable Batteries and do not mix up used and new batteries.

Note: All settings are stored in the lock when the batteries are removed or replaced.

How long will batteries last?

The battery life is up to 1 year on average use of 20 times access per day, which varies based on how often the lock is operated and the friction in your deadbolt.

How will I know when the batteries need to be replaced?

There will be a low battery alert on the lock when the battery level is low. The LED Indicator will flash RED 10 times along with 10 beeps when pressing any key to lock/unlock. Please replace batteries.

What do I do if the batteries ran out on my smart lock?

In case the batteries were completely dead before replacing them, you can always have your traditional key as a backup entry method. Please always replace batteries before they are completely dead.

Why does the battery run low so fast?

When the deadbolt and the strike plate were misaligned, especially when the temperature and humidity of surroundings change a lot, it will generate more frictions as the deadbolt is trying to extend and restract. Then the deadbolt will consume more power for working.