What tools do I need to prepare for installation?

The smart lock is easy to install in 15 to 20 minutes and only requires a Phillips head screw driver.

Are the keypad locks suitable for outdoor use?

The smart lock is intended for installation on a door where the lock’s interior is enclosed and protected from the outside elements. The keypad can face the exterior and withstand rain, sun, and snow. The full lock is not weatherproof and cannot be installed on an outdoor gate with no covering.

Why does not the latch extend but the motor is rotating when resetting my keypad lock?

Improper installation may have caused the issue. Please follow the steps to review:

  1. Please make sure the latch and strike are aligned.
  2. Please slightly loosen the mounting screws on the exterior assembly keypad and the latch bolt if the screws are over-tightened.
  3. Please open your door and reset the lock.

Why does not the latch extend and the motor isn’t rotating when resetting my keypad lock?

The deadbolt latch should be retracted(unlocked) through all your installation process.
The thumb turn should be vertical in your installation steps 4C and 5A. In 4C, after installation, test if the thumb turn rotates to lock and unlock smoothly.
Please open your door and reset the lock.

Why doesn’t the thumbturn rotate after installation completed?

When the lock is learning wrong orientation of the door, the thumbturn won’t rotate. Please reset your lock by following the steps:

  1. Keep the door opened and make sure the latch is retracted and thumbturn vertical.
  2. Press and hold the reset button with one hand and the other hand take out one battery and place it back.
  3. Keep holding the Reset button for 3 seconds, until you hear the sound of rotating and the latch extend automatically.

If resetting doesn’t solve the issue, you may need to re-install the whole lock.
Please make sure when you start to install, the deadbolt is in unlocked position;
Please make sure the thumbturn is vertical.

When I attempt to lock/unlock my deadbolt, why does the latch go in and out for a few times?

It happens when the latch and strike are misaligned.
Please make sure the bolt hole on the door frame is at least 1 inch deep, so that the bolt can be fully extended.
Please check if the door can be closed properly, the deadbolt should not impact the strike or door frame on the door frame side, it should go directly into the hole properly.