How many codes can be stored in my keypad lock?

The keypad lock can store up to 20 User codes (4-10 digits), This provides the option of creating a unique code for all family members.

How to reset my Veise JU01/RZ-A?

A factory reset teaches the lock the orientation of your door and deletes all User Codes and custom settings associated with the lock.

Follow the steps below to perform a factory reset on your lock:

Step1. Keep the door opened and make sure the latch is retracted and thumb turn vertical.
Step2. Open the battery box on the back panel and find the Reset button below the batteries.
Step3. Press and hold the Reset button with one hand and the other hand take out one battery and place it back.
Step4. Keep holding the Reset button for 3 seconds, until you hear the sound of rotating and the latch extend automatically.

What if I forget my Master Codes?

If you forget your Master code, resetting your lock, then the original master code (12345678) works, and all previous user codes were erased.

What does 5 short and fast beeps mean while programming?

It alerts you either time-out or wrong entry.
Please be sure to complete each setting step within 5 seconds.
Please change the default master code in the first time programming.
Please be sure the user code is with correct format and with 4 to 10 digits.

Why did all my preset codes become invalid after door handing?

Door handing is same as factory resetting. You’ll need to re-program your lock.