Why does the keypad work improperly? No backlights and no beeping sound.

There’s no power supplied your lock.
Please make sure the cable is properly connected.
We would suggest to use 4 brand-new AA standard alkaline batteries and please do not mix up used batteries.

Why does my keypad lock only work properly when the backup key is in? Why am I unable to pull the key out in the unlocked position?

You may need to re-install the whole lock.
Please make sure when you start to install, the lock is in unlocked status;
Please make sure the thumbturn is vertical.
Please do not put the backup key in the lock.

Why does my keypad lock stop working?

Please reset your lock by following the steps:

  1. Keep the door opened and make sure the latch is retracted and thumbturn vertical.
  2. Press and hold the reset button with one hand and the other hand take out one battery and place it back.
  3. Keep holding the Reset button for 3 seconds, until you hear the sound of rotating and the latch extend automatically.

What should I do if the motor sounds like it is struggling to lock or unlock the deadbolt?

This usually happens when the batteries are dying. If you have recently changed your batteries, there may be an issue with the bolt rubbing against the strike that is placing an additional load on the bolt and thereby draining the batteries. This requires the strike to be adjusted to ensure the deadbolt latch is operating smoothly.