● Keyless Entry Door Lock: The smart lock has a 5 in 1 access method, APP + Fobs + password + key + thumb turn.

● APP Control & Ekeys: APP control, set up passwords, manage accesses, and view access logs. It can also authorize your family members, guests or tenants to use ekeys in the APP.

● 250+ Multiple Passwords: Smart door locks can remotely generate and share permanent passwords, timed passwords, one-time passwords, and recurring passwords. Suitable for families, Airbnb, motels and different visitors.

● Remote Control: After connecting to the Veise gateway G2 (sold separately), smart locks can access remotely, log in real-time, work with Alexa and Google Assistant, and check the status of the door lock.

● Smart Lock: Smart deadbolt can be set to lock automatically (1s-999s). It can also be locked by “one-touch lock” via the touch screen keyboard.